Jul 302007

Hi there 🙂

Welcome to my nook!

It is still not in good order, but this is going to happen too bit by bit!

Long time I was wondering whether to start blog or not and even that there were some pushes, like Alex‘s one, I wasn’t feeling ready to start something like that. You know how sometimes you want to do something but you feel that you are not “mature” enough about it…

Well, these days I found out with pleasure, that the obstacle which I’ve just mentioned has disappeared, and I did the first step.

About the blog… I have no intention to make it place where I put my daily reports what I have done during the day, even that probably there are going to be such posts. I prefer more, the blog to be like casket, in which to collect ideas, interesting thoughts, dreams, memoirs, experience… i.e. things, that have sense to me and they are worth to be wrapped in words, just as prevention that they won’t be forgotten in the future.(even for some of them it is compulsory to be written down)

Soon I am going to define the rules for the visitors who wants to write comments in this blog, similarly to Well, that is all from me for now )

Take care!

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